About the Author

Mahlon “Dick” Palmer grew up on the family dairy farm in upstate New York. At the age of 17, immediately following graduation from high school, he joined the US Air Force where he served four years as an Air Weather Observer. Although he has no college education, he began working in the field of data processing when that world consisted of IBM punched cards in the early 1960s. Almost immediately, he became fascinated with the IBM 650 computer when he quickly decided he must learn how to program it, thus the beginning of a 30+ year career in the field. He has programmed virtually every make of computer up through the early 21st century, using the same methodology.

Adding to his computer accomplishments, he has managed major portions of operations on the DEW Line and BMEWS contracts, stretching from Iceland, then across Greenland, Canada, and throughout much of Alaska. All of the skills that were necessary to accomplish the above detailed tasks were self-taught. Those skills not only served him well throughout his professional career but also were invaluable in the pursuit of his many hobbies, adventures and ultimately retirement.